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Chris Capossela, MicrosoftChris Capossela is Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Information Worker Product Management Group. He maintains responsibility for Office, SharePoint, Project, Visio, OneNote and FrontPage. ...
Colleen Aylward, Devon James Associates, Inc. Colleen Aylward is the founder and ongoing visionary of Devon James Associates, Inc. Devon James Associates created the 'On Site Recruiting War Room' model, as featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and T ...
Curt Doolittle, Ascentium Corp. Curt Doolittle is managing partner and chief strategy officer of Ascentium Corporation, an award-winning, integrated technology and marketing consultency. He has bought and sold over 150 companies, i ...
Don Manning, Nextel Partners Don Manning is vice president and general counsel for Nextel Partners. He was one of the founders of Nextel Partners. ...
Howard Schmidt, R & H Security Consulting Howard Schmidt is a world-renowned cyber security expert. He was appointed by President Bush as the vice chair of the president’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board and as the special advisor ...
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محل نمايش نيازمندیهای علمی شماروشی ساده و رايگان بمنظور دستيابی به پاسخ درخواست‌های خود با همكاری ديگر كاربرانNeed to Answer نيازمندی‌های علمی
Home>All Video>From the Series>On the Career Path

اين پايگاه اينترنتي متعلق به گروه دانش گستران جوان بوده و هر گونه برداشت مطالب از آن به شرط ذكر نام بلامانع است.